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【Sponsored 広告】


Do you want to go pee-pee/poo-poo?


Do you want to do poo-poo?/pee-pee?


Did you do pee-pee/poo-poo?


Tell mommy before you do it in your pants okay?


Let me know,when you need to go potty.


It’s time to use the potty.


Did you wet your pants?


Oh,you already did it.


Oh~you wet yourself.


Tell me when you want to go,okay?


Can you go to the toilet next time?


Try to be careful,okay?


You can do it! let’s try!


Woow!it’s coming out!


Goodjob!/Well done!


Let’s change your diaper/underwear!


Need to change your diaper.


Do you feel better?


Try do it by yourself.


Yeah!you did it!


You are so big boy/girl now!


Please let me know again if you want to do pee-pee.


Ok,flash the toilet.


Can I help you?


Do you want me to help you?


Do you need mommy’s help?


Tell me when you’re finished OK?


Let’s do pee-pee before we go out.


Shall we go and pee-pee?


You are going pee.


Do you have to go to the bathroom?


Let me wipe your bottom.


First,go to the bathroom alright?


Let’s do it again tomorrow.



It’s time to take a bath!


The bath is ready!


Who do you want take a bath with today? daddy or mommy?


Let’s take off your clothes.


Can you unbutton it?


Can you do it all by yourself?


Let’s check your weight.


Step on the bathroom scale.


You are getting big!


Turn on the shower.


Let’s wash your body first.


Let mommy wash your back.


Turn around.


Next,time for shampoo!


Let me shampoo your hair.


I’ll rinse you off.


Rinse well.


Let’s get in the bathtub.


The bath is little bit lukewarm.


Can I add some hot water?


Woow,I feel so good.


Your shoulders are getting cold.


Get in up to your shoulders okay?


Can you soak up to your chin?


Let’s count 1 to 10.


OK,let’s get out.


Okay,out of the bathtub now.


Watch your step,it’s slippery here.


Are you warmed up well?


Let’s wipe your body.


Dry off well with a towel.


Lift up your arms.


Come on,put on your pajamas.


Hurry,or you’ll catch a cold.


Let’s button up.


You put on your pants on back to front.


Your undershirt is inside out.


Let’s dry your hair.


Come over here.








【Sponsored 広告】



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