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【Sponsored 広告】


Eat by yourself okay?


You can eat by yourself.


You can do it by yourself.


Do you want some more?


Can you eat all this?


One more bite!


Breakfast/lunch/dinner is ready!


Go get daddy!


Please wait a minute.


You have rice on your cheek!


Do you want me to cut your meat?


Do you want me to cut it for you?


Your mouth isn’t empty yet.


Your mouth is still full.


Wipe your mouth okay?


Don’t wipe with your sleeve.


You ate everything!


That’s all!


Unfortunately,there are only 2.


You just ate!


It’s still hot! so blow on it alright?


Just a little bit!


Can I have a bite?


Can I have a sip?


Can I have it?


Sit in/on your chair okay?


Chew it well.


Are you already finished?


You should drink tea.


Tastes good?


Can you sit nicely?


Let’s share with ○○.


Wow!your hands are sticky!


Which do you use? spoon or fork?


A snack is not yet.


You can eat dessert after finished your meal.


Swallow that first.


Don’t be picky.


Eat it all alright?


Mommy spent a lot of time cooking this for you.


You haven’t eaten yet.


I’m sorry,out of apple today.How about orange?


Apples are all gone.


We’re having curry today!


I’m glad you like it!


There is some milk in the frige.


Let me open it.


Don’t you want to eat anymore?


What do you say?


Don’t spill your drink.


It’ ready! Come and get it!


Come on! or it will get cold.


You’re good at using chopsticks.


Eat your vegetables.


Vegetables are good for your health.


Eat them one by one, okay?


Do you want me to sit next to you?


You’ve already drunk tea.


Behave yourself.


Be careful, or you’ll choke.


I ate them all!


Can I have some juice?


Alright, but just one glass okay?


It’s good. why don’t you try it?


Can you hold it with your both hands.


Oh~,you spilled milk.


You still have some rice in your bowl.


Can you help your little sister/brother wipe her mouth?




【Sponsored 広告】
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